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In the 19th Century, the Guesthouse Unterberg was already a popular stop over for locals and travelers. It was bought in 1902 by the great grandparents of Elisabeth Schuster (born Schwaiger), Maria und Alois Schwaiger. Alois Schwaiger was also known as the „Hogmoar from Hundstein“ at this time. This title can be fought for by strong young men by „Ranggeln“ (mountain wrestling) on the Hundstein. The winner is celebrated as the Hogmoar for a year, until the next Summer when he has to compete again. It is still held every year on the Hundstein, on Jakobi Sunday on 25th July. This is the place where, since over 500 years, the strongest man in the area is decided upon.
But back to the Gasthaus Unterberg: Maria and Alois Schwaiger bequeathed the Gasthaus to their son Alois Schwaiger who in turn left it to his son Alois Schwaiger in 1966/67. He was a passionate host for 48 years: in 1973 he rebuilt the guesthouse in the hotel´s present location and extended it in 1997. In 2013 he began the construction of the apartment house (where the „old Gasthauses Unterberg“ used to be). With 82 years old Alois Schwaiger proudly handed over the Hotel and Apartment House Unterberg to his daughter in Autumn 2014. She finished building the Apartment House and greeted her first guests in Winter 2014/15. She runs both houses with fresh energy, drive, elan and a team of 15.

wedding Alois Schwaiger and Maria Hölzl 1897left: great-grandparents Alois Schwaiger and Maria Hölzl 23/11/1897
right: grandmother Maria Schwaiger, born Fersterer. She was a clever, quiet, hardworking and modest woman.

wedding Alois and Maria Schwaiger 1931left: grandparents Alois and Maria Schwaiger at their wedding on 21.11.1931
right: grandfather Alois Schwaiger born on February 16th, 1900. As an enthusiastic sportsman he got in 1922 and 1923 "Hogmoar" at Hundstein. The hunting was his passion.

family Gasthaus UntersbergThe whole family in front of the Gasthaus Untersberg late 40s

Familienfoto ca. 1949Family photo c. 1949

birthday of great-grandfather80th birthday of great-grandfather Alois Schwaiger on 03/11/1951
kids Hotel Unterberg

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